Hortus Animae

New album’s recordings!


Hortus Animae are going through the production process of their comeback album, now officially titled “Secular Music”. Grom has completed the recordings of the drums at Leavittation Studio in California, then Martyr Lucifer, Hypnos and Bless entered Domination Studio to complete the process under the guiding light of Simone Mularoni, for the occasion also session bass player for the band.

This is the tracklist:

01. God and His Disgusting Children
02. Blood of the Earth / The Truth Against the World
03. Dystopian Apocalypse
04. The Poison of the Nāga
05. Impromptu Op. II – Pain Relieved
06. At the End of Doomsday
07. Chamber of Endless Nightmares
08. Aqualung (bonus track)