Hortus Animae

Hortus Animae in the July/August issue of Rock Hard Italy

RockHard 2014

Excerpts of the review by Alessio Oriani (7/10):

Compared to the symphonic black metal of the early years Hortus Animae have moved towards a melodic avant-garde death-black metal, which incorporates elements of dark, progressive and electronica.
Conceptually more interesting and stylistically more intriguing than in the past, Hortus Animae in 2014 may be placed – in Italian ambit – ideally halfway between Necrodeath, Aborym and Maldoror.
Among the best tracks we point out the elaborate At the End of Doomsday and the ferocious Chamber of Endless Nightmares, but also an excellent cover of Aqualung (Jethro Tull).
Secular Music is overall a really strong album.