Hortus Animae

New song streaming

Hortus Animae made available for listening on youtube “Melting Waters”, a cover of the death metal band Baratro, included as one of two completely new songs (along with “Ungrateful Fate”, a cover of Entity) in “Godless Years”, a compilation of rare and unreleased material recently released by Satanica Productions. In the same video it is possible to listen to both Hortus Animae’s and original version of the song.

Facebook: facebook.com/HortusAnimae
Store: hortusanimae.tictail.com
Store Satanica: satanica.org/hortusanimae

Interview: Hortus Animae Talks About Their Regeneration Process, Spiritual Matters and Doomsday

Interview for New Noise Magazine with vocalist Martyr Lucifer | By Eric May

After a long hiatus, the legendary avant-garde, progressive, extreme metal outfit known as Hortus Animae (Garden of the Soul) are back after a long hiatus and better than ever with their fourth release Secular Music. Frontman Martyr Lucifer speaks about their regeneration process, as well as the band’s original formation, and a collection of bonus material that will soon be available. We also discuss some rather complex spiritual matters, ending with his thoughts on doomsday.

You have been together for over 10 years, but there was a long pause between your last album and Secular Music. Why did you resurrect Hortus Animae now?

Double shot on Russia’s Dark City!

Great reviews for both “Secular Music” and “Godless Years” in the may/june issue of top Russian magazine Dark City.